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Chris and Catalina Bowen lead the youth ministry at Calvary Greer. They have 3 children and Chris runs a lawn maintenance business. They both grew up in Florida before being led by the Lord to move to Greer in 2007. Chris recalls, “Within seven days of moving here, we prayed to find another bible teaching, loving church ... we walked into Calvary Greer the first time and KNEW we were home. Since then, God has confirmed over and over within the life changing events that this is where He wants us to be.”

Chris and Catalina's upbringing were very different before coming to the Lord. Chris grew up in a Christian home and was deeply involved with missions and children’s ministry. He turned away from the Lord for several years after his dad passed away. At age 21 a friend invited him to go with him to Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale where he rededicated his life to the Lord and truly began to grow in faith with renewed excitement.

Catalina grew up in a Catholic home and eventually rejected it all as a dead religion of good works - professing to believe nothing. Heading down a spiral of worldly living, nothing satisfied her. A friend offered to teach her to surf if she would attend church with her at Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale. On her first visit she heard the message of salvation through grace alone and surrendered her life to God.
Both Chris and Catalina share a passion for people to come to a saving relationship with the Lord and then grow as a disciples of His truth.